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Old 11-05-2017, 12:22 PM
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Question '98 XLE Camry 82K -"Torn Pass. Dog bone engine mount"?

I have a 1998 Toyota Camry V6 XLE 82,887 miles, and trying to keep it up with maintenance and car just keeps on running! Toyota has the engine down with hardly any repairs, and I love it!
During a recent oil change from an Orange, Ca, Toyota Dealer with a coupon, the remarks on the invoice mentioned that the "PASSENGERS SIDE, DOG BONE ENGINE TORN, RECCOMENDS R&R, and TIMING BELT OIL LEAKS CUST. DOES NOT WANT WORK DONE."
Is this serious driving around with this 'torn' Dog Bone Engine Mount, and if I needed this done, what's a good price for labor and parts?
Should this be done at dealership, or should I, and can I, trust an import repair shop mechanic?
One more question. With cars like mine, a 1998, 19 year old car, do most folks with limited income, DROP "COLLISION", from the auto policies, to save money, on cars that are 19 years old like mine, and older years, to save money? Insurance Co. said, for a '98, old car, the replacement auto, and/or parts are hard to come by.
If you're still paying "collision" for an older car on your policy, please tell me your reasons, because I need to justify dropping it. Still, would not like to get into an accident to see what would happen to my Camry.
Thank You!
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Old 11-05-2017, 04:42 PM
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The car doesn't have that many miles. Most repairs would be age related rather than miles.

Dealers and auto repairs shops are known for sending out coupons for this and that service. Their purpose is to get the car into the garage and have a look to find "repairs" and make more money.

Your car may have issues but whether they need to be repaired now could be a matter of opinion.

A torn/worn dog bone mount is common. Ideally it should be replaced but many cars are driving just fine without doing so.

If you have a friend or family member that knows about cars. Have then observe the engine running while you rev the throttle. This to observe for excess engine movement caused by the worn dog bone mount.

The mount is easy enough to replace. Perhaps the friend or family member can do it for you. Parts are readily available online (cheapest) or from parts stores.

The Toyota dealer tends to be the most expensive for repairs and parts. Any shop should be able to replace the mount, foreign or domestic. FYI, Toyota's are now built in the US. Estimate costs at $150. A shop should be able to quote a price.

As to the leaking timing cover area. This is less common but happens. A cam or crankshaft seal may be leaking oil slightly. The oil makes it way to the bottom of the timing belt cover where it show up.

Any shop should be able to do this. Dealer would charge $500+. A third party shop less. The cost is the labor to remove all the parts to access the seals. Any shop should be able to quote price.

When was the last time the timing belt was changed? The same parts needed to be removed for the seal are the same for replacing the belt. If thinking about replacing the belt then wait until doing so. If replacing the seal, then have the belt replaced.

Suggest you put paper or cardboard under the car in the area of the passengers side to check for oil drips. If none or a few drops the problem is minor enough to wait on.

On insurance, the "experts" use the 10% rule.

Determine the street value of the car. Try Edmonds used car appraisals on the internet and when done use the private sale value found for your car.

From this value subtract the insurance deductible to get what the insurance company would pay. Take 10% of this value and compare to your cost of collision insurance. If equal or more than the 10% valve the experts state to consider dropping it.

It doesn't really matter if parts are hard to obtain or not. However there are lots of parts available (Toyota dealer or aftermarket). There were hundreds of thousands of these cars made with a lot still on the road.

The issue is the insurance will only pay up to the value of the car minus the deductible. If repairs are more than this value, they will total the car and pay you off. Plus want the car as they will now own it per the insurance contract.

Is the insurance agent stating it is better or worse to keep the insurance?

One question is suppose the car is totaled and no insurance. Will you be able to find another replacement car without needing to pay out more money beyond your lost value on the old car?
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