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'95 Camry

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Question '95 Camry

I just bought a '95 Camry. We are now starting to have some problems that just arose . First when you turn on the lights the running lights on the back do not work. Have Checked the fuse, but not sure how to check the bulbs on it. Then when I turn on the blower fan it blows the instrument panel fuse. Please I really need help with this. I love the car and don't want to get rid of it but can't afford to get anymore tickets
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Are these the tail lights or side marker lights or both?

Do the front running lights work?

Do the brake lights work?

Is the climate system automatic or manual? Does it have a round **** for the blower speed? Is it blowing the Gauge fuse?
Old 10-27-2012, 03:50 AM
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Default '95 Camry

I am sorry for not being more specific about which running lights they are. They are the tail light markers, Yes the front running lights work and the brake and turning lights work. It has a round switch for the climate control, I am able to use the A/C or Heater only if I don't use the radio. Found that out tonight when I was on my way to work.
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To clarify, the lights not working are the lights on the back of the car (tail lights) OR are the ones not working the rear side marker lights. These rear side marker lights are part of the same brake/tail light fixture but on the rear sides of the car?

Will provide info on both.

The front running lights receive power from the same source as the rear tail, rear side marker and license plate lights (these are green colored wires). If the front running lights work the taillight relay and fuse that power these rear light circuits are working OK.

All of the above rear lights have common ground wiring with the brake lights. If both brake lights work the ground wiring would seem to be OK.

Does the license plate lamp work, if so power is reaching the wiring junction point that goes the side market lights.

Check for 12v power at the green wire of the side marker light socket terminal. Check that the white/black terminals at the socket are grounded to chassis.

The tail light circuit is more complicated. It is wired into a lamp out sensor device that illuminates an indicator on the dash if a tail or brake light is out. Is this indicator on?

Power from the green wire goes to the sensor device then out to the brake and tail lights via light green wiring.

Check for power at the light green wire terminals of the tail light sockets. The white/black wire terminals are grounded to chassis.

If there is power at the green wire but not at the light green wiring the issue can be bad light green wiring or the sensor device has failed. This device can fail resulting in no power to the tail lights or brake lights or both.

If the sensor is bad it can be replaced or there is a work around.

Post back with your findings.

As to the blower. The fuse that blows is this the Gauge fuse?

The radio is not connected to the Gauge fuse circuit but the Dome, Cig/Radio and ICU-IG fuses.

The Gauge fuse powers a lot of items, is possible some other item is causing the fuse to blow.

These items include among others:

Alternator, combination meter, speed sensor, day time running light relay, integration relay, rear light failure sensor (same one as above), back up lights (shifting into reverse or through reverse to a Drive gear can cause the fuse to blow), power windows, power door locks, moon roof, seat belt off warning system (connected or disconnected seat belt may cause the fuse to blow), rear window defogger, cruise control, gear shift indicator lights on dash and park/neutral switch (blows when using shifter), ABS system, combination meter, heater and AC compressor relays (blows when using heater/AC system).

This is long list of items but gives you an idea of what system failures can cause the Gauge fuse to blow. When the combination meter fails notice if prior you used any of the systems listed above.

Most common sources of this fuse blowing are shifting the gear shift lever from park to reverse or through reverse into a drive gear, using the power windows, moon roof, power locks or rear defogger. All these can have bad wiring issues. The Gauge fuse powers the heater and AC compressor relays but it is uncommon for these relays to short out.

The other systems are less prone to failure.

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