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rontz_99 05-09-2007 08:45 AM

Hmm...Hello *knocks*
I have myself a 1991 Camry, but not any old camry...the fast one *winks*... I mean V6... its special here in Aus-land cause its rare... I love it, its kinda dead at the moment though
I accidently killed it trying to do a DIY timing belt change... they're really hard by the way... but I'm not looking at it as if it were a bad thing... just frustrating and well I need better tools...
I'm from Australia but don't hold that against me... I also own a 1986.5 Mkiii Supra which is currently getting a 1JZ engine placed into it, so I have 2 cars and am 20 years old and well none of them are in working order... hmmm damn I don't like thinking about it... BUT I HAVE TWO CARS... both which have 2.5 6's... One inline and the other V... woot. I kinda don't believe 4's are that great (sorry all who I just offended but seriously 6 is more than 4 which generally means it can do better if tuned correctly)...
Take care see ya round

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