Toyota Camry: How to Replace Emblems

Replacing your emblems is a neat way to add a little more detail to your ride. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest modifications you can do. Read this article to learn how.

By Neftali Medina - July 22, 2015

This article applies to the Toyota Camry (1997-2011).

Some owners like to have the ability to customize every aspect of a vehicle. For that community, it's extremely important to change some dash lights or, in this case, customize an emblem. However, before the customization can begin the emblems first needs to be removed. Although the removal procedure varies according to which emblem is removed, they are both just as easy to do.

Materials Needed

  • Fishing wire
  • Adhesive remover
  • Blow dryer
  • Screwdriver

Step 1 – Remove the front emblem

The first emblem is the easiest. All you have to do is pop open the hood, grab the tabs that hold the emblem in place and push them inwards while pushing the cap out. You can also use a screwdriver to push the tabs in, instead of your fingers.

Figure 1. Push the emblem tabs inwards and remove the emblem.

Step 2 – Remove the rear emblem

Cut a piece of fishing line and saw off the adhesive with it. Although the step sounds a bit far-fetched, that's exactly how it's done. Take both ends of the fishing line and lay it behind the emblem. With a "sawing" motion, run the line from behind the emblem until it's fully removed from the body of the car.

Figure 2. Run the fishing line behind the emblem.

The middle emblem is slightly different. You will continue to saw away the adhesive with the fishing line until reaching the middle section. Here, pull the fishing line up and pry the emblem off using your fingers.

  • Figure 3. Stop half-way on the rear emblem.
  • Figure 4. Pry off the emblem by hand.

Step 3 – Remove the excess adhesive

Apply the adhesive remover on the glue residue and rub it off with a rag. For adhesive that is harder to remove, apply the remover and push it off using your fingers.

Figure 5. Remove the excess adhesive.

Step 4 – Install the new emblems

Here is your chance to add a carbon fiber inlay, paint the emblem, leave it bare or install a completely different unit. Just make sure to clean the surface thoroughly, as you will be applying a new piece of adhesive to the emblem.

  • Place the emblem on the piece of double-sided tape and cut it to fit the emblem.
  • Peel the tape back, align it and stick in place.
Figure 6. Install your new emblem.

The front emblem only requires you to push it back in place.

Figure 7. Front emblem installed.

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