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'01 Camry suspension knock/rattles.

Old 01-29-2010, 08:08 AM
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Exclamation '01 Camry suspension knock/rattles.

Alright, I'm the most frequent driver of an '01 Camry that just kicked over 95k, and I've recently noticed a few odd noises that I can't pinpoint. I figured it would be best to check here before I start throwing parts at it. Some are consistent, some aren't.

1) In the consistent category, there's a knocking/rattling noise that comes from the front passenger-side corner when the suspension travels downward, but it goes away if there's a passenger on that side of the car, except for the most drastic movement (like railroad crossing). It won't do it under any form of accell or decel, or smooth dips and bumps/road twists, and has only become prevalent as it's gotten colder. the rear pass. side will do it too when it sharply drops colder.

2) In the inconsistent category, it's got a very light ticking coming from the front left tire that's very sporadic.

3) Also in that category is a sound that's more of a sensation. As I turn the wheel, there's a knock that can be felt through the pedals, wheel, dash, and floor, but holding it won't cause a repetition, only while the steering wheel is turning. This generally only happens when it sharply drops in temp and has been sitting overnight, but even then it's rather random in appearance.

4) Related to #3, I think, is a more click-like sound that comes generally at sharper steering angles, not repeating like a CV, just a beefy-click when straightening the wheel back out in a parking space.

#1 I think is a strut mount, #2 I think might be a bearing, #3 I think could be very early stages of CV wear or (hopefully not) the steering rack, and #4 (if it's even something different) is similar.

Worth noting is that the behavior of the car hasn't changed through all of this. They're sounds and sensations with no noticeable effect on the car itself.
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Unless the boots are damaged 95K is not that much to start seeing worn CV joint. Worn CV joint typically make a clicking or popping noise when making turns a slower speeds such as in the suburbs.

The mileage though is enough to experience the items below which are not uncommon on Camry.

The bearing in the front upper strut mount can make a slight click or popping noise when turning the steering wheel that can be louder when the car has sat overnight (car moving or not moving).

The upper strut mount "rubber" material can start to degrade resulting in a knocking noise when going over bumps or pot holes.

The sway bar bushings can make a rattling knocking sound when going over bumps.

The lower steering column bearing/bushing can fail resulting in a popping noise and "feel" when turning the steering wheel. Toyota put out a TSB on this but not sure what year of Camry was effected.

Have someone turn the wheel while you listen to the suspected areas with a section of rubber hose used as a stethoscope.
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So, judging what you've said, the most likely culprit would be the strut mounts?

Would make sense, since it's weight dependent, and so inconsistent.
What do I need other than a spring compressor, sockets, safety equipment, and careful consideration to get that done?
Would it be simpler to just replace the whole strut assemblies than just the mounts?
Old 01-30-2010, 09:52 PM
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Once the strut assy is removed provided you have the tools taking it apart is not that much more effort.

Monroe may offer a complete front strut assy with mount and spring, check their website.

One issue is cost. A complete strut assy may be $200+ each, strut mounts from KYB are about $50 each.
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I've had the exact same thing going on with my 5sfe 4 cyl 00' camry but on the driver side and I've changed; 1. torque strut mount 2. coilover struts 3. control arm and still it has a bit of a knock (less than before, but still there.) and still shimmies a bit. I've been trying to figure this problem out for a while now and based on joey's response, I'm back to square one on diagnosing this issue... Any other suggestions are always appreciated. thanks for any responses ahead of time. I've checked the mounts and they seem fine, I don't see anything that would make me suspect them to be bad. also when I put it in gear (auto) I've seen my short ram intake jump followed by a popping noise coming from the transmission area at the same time the driver side wheel seems to jerk back a little and vise-versa when I put it in reverse.

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You might also check the transmition and motor mounts...Good Luck.
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Originally Posted by svargas View Post
You might also check the transmition and motor mounts...Good Luck.
yeah, transmission would be the problem but I'm not sure if the motor mount would link to it. But base on my experience it's always the transmission.
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