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91 Camry 5-10mph tops with almost no Acceleration

Old 04-27-2014, 12:22 PM
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Default 91 Camry 5-10mph tops with almost no Acceleration

Hey guys
Ive got a 1991 Toyota Camry with an atoumatic Transaxle. The problem im haveing is that the car doesnt want to go fatser then 5-10mph. Even if I put the acceleration pedal to the floor, the car actually feels like its slowing down, but sif I lightly press it, it will only accelrate to 10mph at max.

Ive replaced the IAC and rebuilt the intake manifold replacing all the gaskets along the way. The manufild gasket, cold start injector gasket, cleaned the EGR-VM filter with a air hose like the book said. Even replaced the EGR Valve gasket. All the vacume lines are secured and attached to there proper places. I even replaced the lines.

Now, the gaskest on my IAC was blown and coolent was getting into the manifold at an alarming rate. The exhaust fumes wernt pretty, and when I took the air hose off the inspect the throttle body, I was greeted with a pretty good sized puddle of fewsh antfreese spilling all over the floor.

The car had bad acceleration like I described above before and after the IAC was changed. Ive replaced the fuel filter, and ive even gone so far as the remove the fuel rail, and replace the fyel filter on the fuel injectors themselves, and the upper and lower garments, as well as new pillats on the injectors.

Ive replaced all the sensors on the water-by-pass. The battery is new. I even have a new oil filter, and I replaced the oil pan gasket. The spark plugs are in good condition, just slight oil build up along the threads, none on the actual plugs.

Im at my witts end here. Im hoppibg someones know what to do to fix it. The acceleration was fine before I changed the oil pan gasket. After that, the car started acting up and now this. Also has new oil in it, the old oil looked nice and black with what looked like burnt plastic at the bottom of the pan.

If anyone knows anything at all that coukd help, please let me know. I could use it. Thanks
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Is this an automatic trans? If so need to ask. Did you change the engine oil pan gasket and not transmission gasket? Is the transmission fluid at the correct level and with the correct fluid?

Have you rechecked the pan area and oil fill area for any problems, disturbed components?

If all OK above, try to determine if the issue is lack of engine power or a problem with trans slipping.

A failing trans can slip, flooring the gas pedal does not result in acceleration.

A bad fuel pump or severely plugged fuel filter can cause a gross lack of power. Sometimes enough to make it difficult for the car to go over a curb.
Old 04-27-2014, 11:41 PM
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With the car in park or neutral, can you rev the engine?
Old 04-28-2014, 08:59 AM
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The transmision pan has a new filter and gasket. I installed those myself. The transmision pan did have a nice bit of soft metal in it. Also, the previous owners solution was RTB. When I changed the oil pan gasket, excuse me, when I put the oil pan gasket on, I had to fight my way through what seamed like a endless amount of the stuff. As far as I know the previous owner had just sealed it up with RTB, and kept adding oil.

I had a buddy of mine drive it, it is an automatic, and he said the car was shifting into second gear. Also, I had him whatch the throttle cable to make sure it was getring air. It revs in park, neutral, reverse, and even drive. It just wont move. Would make it easier to tell if the car had a tachometer.
Old 04-29-2014, 10:52 AM
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Is the sequence of events as listed below?

The trans filter, pan gasket and engine oil pan gasket were replaced.

After the above repairs, the car no longer was able to go over 10 mph.

You then did the engine work listed previously with no improvement in power.
Was the trans refilled the trans with the correct type and amount of trans fluid? Did you re-install all components removed to do the repairs under the car? If this is OK, make sure the trans filter is the correct one, and installed correctly.

Make sure any filter gaskets or o'ring required are installed or the gaskets were not doubled up (an old and new one). Or the filter is not plugged up. If air is leaking in between the fluid pipe connection to trans pump intake, the pump could be be drawing air not fluid.

What condition was the trans fluid when replaced, black, brown, grimy, etc?
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Figured out what it was. Everytime you engage the E Brake its pushes the brakes out a click. Both the back tires wouldnt budge at all when I jacked it up to take a look. Probably have to replace the brakes, alot of build up in the drums. I managed to release the brakes after a while. Still runs a little ruff though. Going to pull the transmission and engine for a rebuild and overhaul. Thanks for all the help guys
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That would do it!

The E-brake system should have limitations on how tight it gets. Perhaps the grime is causing the parts to stick.

If you need help with the rebuild, just ask.

Thanks for getting back with cause of the problem.
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