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1998 Camry CE brake issues

Old 08-07-2012, 07:07 PM
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Default 1998 Camry CE brake issues

This is the back story to my issue. I drove my car all of 2010 winter, right through June 2011. I've been hearing some squealing sounds from my brakes for a while. My mechanic at the time, told me that it was most likely my rear shoes and drums (as he replaced my front rotors and pads in the fall of 2010. He said that I had about 3-4 months left on the shoes when he inspected them, and would be a good idea to replace the drums as well, that or machine it), so I left it alone. Other than the on and off squealing sound, there was no other issues with braking.

So in June of 2012, I finally decided to swap my winters, with my summer tires. After doing so, I didn't drive my car for about a week. And when I took it out, I started to feel vibration on the brake pedal, and heard grinding. It wasn't too bad driving around 40km/h or slower, but if I went faster, the vibration became more prominent. When I tried braking from 60km/h, the vibration was so hard I thought something was going to fall off. Needless to say, I couldn't drive it in that condition. Because I didn't drive my car very often (other means of transportation was readily available), I kept procrastinating in getting it looked at and fixed.

Then last week I finally decided to take care of it, I bought new Brembo drums, new shoes and kit. I took my car to a nearby mechanic (who's been in the same spot for over 10 years, so I felt that I could trust him more than Canadian Tire). He replaced the back drums and shoes, and also suggested that I replace the rotors as well, as they were rusting out from the inside out (they were saw it myself). According to him, the front pads were still pretty good, so no need to replace. I started to drive the car out of the garage, I didn't hear squealing or grinding, I didn't feel vibration....until I started braking from about 50-55km/h. I was feeling the vibration again, but it wasn't as bad as before. Braking from 60 I felt it more, and braking from about 70km/h the vibration was as bad as when I was braking from 50km/h last year when the issue started, which was bad enough.

I called the mechanic back, and he said that it could be the front pads. He's "pretty certain", but not 100% sure, and suggested that we replace them and see what happens. Personally, if the pads don't need replacing, I don't see the reason for added expense in replacing them. So with new drums, shoes, rotors, and the pads still being "good" (and taking into consideration the vibration isn't as bad as before), what could be the reason for the vibration when braking? Also, my car isn't out of alignment, there is no other noise or vibration. And vibration only happens when braking at faster speeds over 45km/h. Hardly notice it when driving 40 or below (whereas before you would notice at the same speed).

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the long read. Just want to make sure I have given all the details.
Old 08-08-2012, 10:30 AM
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Any possible link to changing the tires/rims and the vibration?

Did you torque the lug nuts correctly?

Typically a bad vibration when braking is due to issues with the rotors (not rear brakes). The rotors can warp or a film forms on them that inhibits the brake pads from gripping properly.

Brembo rotor should be of decent quality.

You replaced everything else thus the pads are the only thing left.

Might have the mechanic check the new rotors and deglaze them if required with sand paper. The internet should have posts on this process.
Old 08-08-2012, 10:55 AM
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I thought about that, but the wheels aren't warping, torque is correct. I was also thinking that it maybe the caliper/slider. If it's not working properly, it would have a give the pads a bad wear. Even cause some vibration like I'm experiencing. I'm due to bring my car back to the mechanic tomorrow to replace the pads. I'll have him service the calipers as well. I'll post back results.

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