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2012 Camry SE 2.5l no heat

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Default 2012 Camry SE 2.5l no heat

Troubleshooting no heat in 2012 Camry SE 2.5L. 85,0000 miles. Blower works fine. Blowing cold air. Temp gauge moves to half way between cold and hot like it always has. Coolant level is correct. Since temp gauge shows normal temp does that mean thermostat is working properly (closing so temp heats up). Anyone have experience with this in a 2012? Or does anyone have knowledge of what is typically the problem with Camry of this age and mileage? Hate to waste time and money throwing parts at this issue. Thank you!
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Yes, the gauge position as described means the T-stat and cooling system are OK.

Coolant hoses run to and from the heater core inside the car. The heater core supplies the heated air. Typically a valve on one of the coolant hoses would open/close to adjust the warm air temp. However this car does NOT have a temperature regulating valve on one of the heater hoses. On this car the full flow of hot coolant always runs to the heater core.

To control heater air temperature, there is electrically operated door inside the climate control air mixing box. This door regulates the amount of hot and cold air (from outside of car) being mixed to sent to the climate control outlets.

The door could be stuck on cold or the motor failed (more likely). On the outside chance the heater core could be plugged.

Youtube may have videos on this problem and the location of the air mix door and its motor.

If you really want to get into the problem, pickup some service info. Toyota offers full access to shop manuals for $20 for think 2 days. Can download all you want.

Type in "TIS Toyota"
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Thank you. It's my son's car and he is bringing it over tomorrow so we can inspect. I'll start by checking the temp gauge, heater hoses, coolant level, etc. Then we will make a decision to tackle or punt. Thanks for the info. The help is appreciated!

OH, by the way. just learned an ink pen was dropped down one of the vents a year ago. Problem just started so I'm hoping the pen is not the issue.
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my son drove the car 40 miles, mostly hwy, and when he arrived the temp gauge was half way which is normal (and supports idea that thermostat is working properly). the upper radiator hose was hot but the lower was not. One of the heater hoses going into the firewall was hot and one was warm. coolant level is fine. mileage is 76K not 85k. I shut the car off for a bit and then restarted and checked the heat on the metal pipes going into and out of the heater core (near gas pedal) and they were both very hot - not sure if it takes bit for the water to circulate. But center vents are blowing warm air not hot air. side vents are blowing cool air. I found what I think is the air actuator control box (passenger side floor). one white plastic gear and lever that responds when I move the temp control **** - gear and lever seem to be working correctly and not slipping. And another **** connected to a cable that responds when I switch heat from floor to vents to defrost. So, i think the air door actuator (HVAC blend door actuator) is working properly. what I don't know is if the air blend door / flap is actually moving when I adjust heat temp. And I don't know if the heater core is clogged or not (would be unlikely for a 2012 with 76k miles). As I mentioned earlier an ink pen was dropped down one of the center vents about a year ago. Maybe it worked it's way down to a point where it is now causing a problem with the door / flap. FYI the AC is working fine.
Thanks for listening. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated,
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