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Old 03-20-2009, 07:54 PM
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Thumbs down I really hate my 2007 Camry SE

I traded in my reliable 98 honda accord last august to buy a sweet looking 2007 camry se 4 cylinder with ony 7k miles on it.

Have always been a Honda household but everyone was raving and cheering about how great the toyota and in particular the camry line was. I decided to make the switch.

7 months later I hate the car.
The thing that really sucks is the gas mileage.

I am lucky if i can get 280 miles on a full tank of gas. This is all city driving and my maximum mileage a day is probaby 6 miles if that.

280 miles on a full tank. WTF????

My 98 accord would consistently averaged about 340 to 360 on a full gas tank.
I dont run anything extra..no AC, no heater nothing. My tires all have the recommended tire pressure. I drive carefully. never jam down on the accelerator and speed up and slow down.

Why does the gas mileage suck so bad on a 2007 SE?

Did i just get a lemon? is there anythign else I can do to increase the gas mileage.

I am seriously just thinking of cutting my losses and selling it and geeting an accord.

Are there any other 2007 SE users on this forum? If there are what kind of mileage are you getting?

I am sorry for venting but I am having to defend my decision to buy a toyota to my wife and her dad who thinks I am a moron for going the toyota way.

Oh..and 3 visits to the dealership later they still cannot figure out why my brakes make a loud squealing sound every morning.
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Old 03-21-2009, 01:56 PM
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I suggest you pop over to the Toyotanation website and ask what real world MPG owners of this year of car are getting. I thought it was averaging around 26 MPG.

If only going 6 miles a day in the the city the engine is never really warming up. Would expect a MPG around 22ish if that.

The car should be able to get upwards of 32mpg for steady state hwyway driving.

The newer get less MPG but have more HP which is what drivers appear to want.

If you have the money you can purchase an ODBII reader having real time data output that plugs into the cars computer. It will display real time MPG and may help in changing driving habits to raise MPG.

Did the dealer actually do anything to the brakes to help solve the issue or just look at them. There may be some film built up on the rotors. Try sanding them with 120 grit paper.
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Old 03-23-2009, 08:42 PM
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Plsntrules: Much added friction since your engine never warms up. Becasue of your short trips with a cold engine, you should have changed your oil at your 6 month/5000 service to use 0w20 synthetic oil as your owner's manual recommends for best mileage (not the 5w20 alternative). Note: the manual is silent on the word synthetic but there is "dino" 0w20. Yours is one of the few cases where synthetic oil can produce better mileage.

Take a 100 mile intersate highway trip not exceeding 70 mpg in spring type weather and carefully measure your gas mileage - fill it up at the same pump both times. If you don't get well over 30 mpg; its the car and something is wrong and you should bug the dealer.

I drive the 268 Horesepower V6 which gets a couple miles less (in theory) in city driving but its all over the internet, the V6 gets MUCH better highway mileage. I get 36 mpg on the Interstate; 30 mpg 50/50 highway/city. My WORST tank since I've had the car was 26mpg when I did more city than highway drive. I usually go about 400 miles between fill-ups and the fuel light has never come on.

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