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Oil Consumption issues with camrys

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Default Oil Consumption issues with camrys

2007 Toyota Camry SE Owner......Tired of being ripped off by dishonest dealerships

I have been taking my car to Courtesy Toyota for maintenance and have been getting the run around for quite some time. I have noticed in between oil changes that my oil would just disappear. Even had it towed in because I didnít want to create engine problems. They let me know that there was still some oil. At that time I was using synthetic oil and was told to change back to regular oil. I questioned this because of what I read was not to go back once you changed to synthetic, but that was their recommendation. This didnít change the problem it still exists and probably getting worse the older the car gets up there in mileage. They make you think they are doing you a favor, but they are not being honest with their customers and pushing their problem & costs onto the consumer instead of TOYOTA.

Yes this a real issue and the way the dealerships are working on this and other problem is all about beating around the bush and putting all repairs on you. I have gone through this and to top it off the low oil indicator light never come on. Where the warning. There is no warning. Then you are pretty much out of luck if you are not one to check your oil yourself. After all the oil consumptions tests every 1000 miles I took it back to them at 800 miles and was 2 qts low next time 1000 miles and needed 1 qt of oil. They then informed me that my motor itself was in severe and their recommendation was severe to replace my engine for a new one, or replace with a used one they just happen to have with 780000 miles on it for $4700, speak to a sales rep regarding a trade in.
My other option was to speak to a sales rep and I can trade my car in.
Other option to change the oil every 3000 instead of 5000 and use a heavier weight oil 10/40 and continue to check your oil often.
The service representative stated that this is a problem with this engine and it was not anything I did to make this happen.
If this is an existing problem then why would I want to trade for another Toyota or replace it with an engine that TOYOTA themselves hasnít fixed.

Now for more rips off from your favorite friendly neighborhood Toyota dealership. I take my car in for a noise from the front end. On that visit they said it was the water pump. So I replace it, but also asked about the timing belt, because you usually change both because where they are located. No need to change at 100000 because it is a serpentine belt. OK..........so I go back again with a noise in the front end. The service rep suggested it was the water pump and I just l looked at him and said you just replaced that two months ago. This noise was put on the back burner because they were more interested in the oil consumption than noise and they would address it when I came back in for the 1000 mile. This time they are telling me it is the driver belt tensioner and will cost me $539 parts and labor. Do they really know what the problem is or is it just guess work and just keep on taking your money and not fixing the problem.

I thought these cars were suppose to last for 200-300000 miles with some repairs, but letís get real TOYOTA.....time to come clean! I was a long time Toyota customer, I had a Corolla, Paseo, (which also had problems) no help there either. 4Runner then Camry SE. Now this. what do you think!
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In a quest to be the No 1 car maker Toyota started putting quantity of cars made over quality. One reason overall car quality has declined. Then there are issues with reducing car cost to compete on price equating to reduced quality.

The engine in your Camry has been replaced with another model in newer years. It also suffered from head bolt thread failure. Toyota is finally admitting some fault and fixing both problems but typically not making repairs after the warranty expires. Still some owners have managed to get free or reduced repairs after warranty by talking to the manager or owner. The dealer can do pretty much what they want depending on how much they want your continued business.

Your repair issues are not uncommon for dealers of all makes of cars and non-dealer repair shops (typically chain store shops). It can be difficult find a good place to repair cars.

Other manufacturers such as Honda are now taking hits for reducing car quality.

If looking for a new car might avoid Toyota's. I no longer recommend new Toyota's to those looking for a new car.
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