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New Member/Owner with Questions

Old 03-16-2007, 10:30 AM
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Default New Member/Owner with Questions

Hey everyone! I recently bought a 01 Camry LE 2.2 4cyl for my DD and thought I'd join a forum to learn more about it and have a community of help. I have a 00 Pontiac Grand Prix GTX that I have been using as my DD but am turning into my show and weekend car. Ido all maintnance on my cars myself and treat them like gold. My motto is if you treat your cars well, they'll treat you well.
I'm looking for a few answers to questions... Mostly to do with gas mileage. Big issue....

1. I've seen on here that people seem to prefer OEM air filters. Why? I use a K&N on my GTX and it works great. I'm looking to get the most gas mileage out of this car and know that a quality air filter is the main key to that. Anyone use the K&N Camry filter or FRAM AirHog filters? How do they compare in performance to the OEM filter?
I changed out the OEM filter for the basic FRAM filter and noticed a slight drop in ECO but that could be due to using the remote start on the cold mornings.

2. What is the best speed/RPM for best gas mileage? For example, I know that on my GTX that it shifts into 2nd at 42 mph and 3rd at 70ish and the best cruising speed for best mpg is mid-high 60's and keeping it under 2K rpms. So what's the deal with the Camry's? I know that they're higher revving engines.... Haven't figured this out yet, so some help would be appreciated.

3. Best tire pressure for optimal gas mileage?
4. Preferred/best oil for optimal performance? Synthetic or Not? Brands?
5. Any tips from Camry experience on what to do to get optimal gas mileage?

Not looking to spend alot of money on this car but want it to perform as best as possible so I can the best bang for my buck with respect to cost and performance in light of the rising fuel costs.

Thanks guys!! I appreciate the help.
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Default RE: New Member/Owner with Questions

tons of questions!!!
I'll give you the short version.

1. K&N will give you better performance and mpg. People often do not think it's worth it because they learn about it too late in the game when their car is over 100K miles. K&N has also been reported to have damaged engines by either letting too much dust/debris through, or having too much oil and causing buildup in the throttle body etc.
I personally run it and haven't had any problems. I do need to check my TB to make sure it hasnt gunked up.

2. The best speed is really to keep the engine below 3000 rpms. Although these engines are able to be rev happy, that doesnt mean they will suck less gas at higher rpm's. The i4 camry tends to shift higher than the v6, and at crusing speeds it tends to hold a higher rpm. So all i can recommend is try never to pass the 3K rpm mark and i'm sure you'll notice you get good fuel economy.

3. Tire pressure depends on your tires. The car recommends something like 32psi. Far too low for me, that makes it feel like a boat. in theory higher mpg offers less rolling resistance = better mpg. but over inflation leads to poor traction, increaes uneven tire wear, and potential for blowout. Never fill above your tire's max PSI. I recommend 35 psi all around to give you good handling and mileage.
My v6 is very front heavy and my tires max pressure is 44psi. I pump 38 in front and 35 in rear.

4. No real need to go to synthetics. How many miles are on the car? I wouldnt switch over if it's too late in the game. Wouldnt want leaks to develop. If it's a lot of stop and go, buy synthetic blend. Best soution. You do tend to get better gas mileage with synthetic oils, and it runs a tad smoother.

5. I would say use the fuel injector cleaners, clean out the throttle body, make sure the sparkplugs and wires are good, and maybe seafoaming the engine (if you know how to do that). Just a note on seafoam for the's not really necessary as the i4 stays pretty clean compared to the v6.

Lastly, keep up with all fluid changes and service required items when or before they are needed. The car will last a really long time.
take care and enjoy.
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Default RE: New Member/Owner with Questions

As for Oil brands- i stay away from Valvoline/Havoline; makes the car feel like it runs heavy.. my recent oil that i had put in was 76 Synthetic Blend from a regular Castrol... it does make the car run smoother and a little better on the gas; but i think this oil turns brown rather quick so i'm probably going to try another brand. Personally, i like Castrol and dislike Pennzoil (s/p)
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