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Old 03-16-2017, 11:11 AM
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Thumbs down 2005 2.4 Auto Camry LE- Noise at 40mph while slowing down


I can't get to the bottom of this- it doesn't sound or feel like a wheel bearing...

When my car is de-accelerating, as soon as it hits 40mph, it sounds like an airplane landing. It does it in drive and neutral. It doesn't do it at 35mph, it doesn't do it at 60 mph, it's only at 40 and it's only while decelerating. The car has 160k on it. It doesn't shake, it doesn't smell, the fluid in the transmission isn't bad and I didn't feel any play in my wheel although I will check again...

Any ideas?! It's driving me nuts because it's just a NOISE!
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Old 03-16-2017, 01:28 PM
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When decelerating and above 40 mpg its quiet, at 40 there is a roar, a 35 its quiet

For a possible bad wheel bearing. When decelerating and the car becomes noisy. Slightly move the steering wheel left and right to shift the chassis weight side to side. Determine if the noise changes.

For a possible CV joint issue. Make some sharp left and right hand 360 turns at low speeds and listen for clicking, knocking, grinding, etc.

For possible trans issues:

If the car has a button to lockup the torque converter. Engage the button and determine what happens when coasting through 40.

Try accelerating 40 in a gear other then drive (whatever works without over revving the engine). Then coasting down through 40.

I'd say try shutting the engine off above 40 and coasting to a stop. But be careful to not lockup the steering and you will have not power steering.

Keep your foot off the throttle to avoid injecting what would end up being unburned fuel into the exhaust system and don't restart until the car is stopped.

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