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Will you please help identify which brake hose model # this is? (pics inside)

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Will you please help identify which brake hose model # this is? (pics inside)

Old 01-30-2019, 11:27 AM
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Default Will you please help identify which brake hose model # this is? (pics inside)

Hi everyone,

I have 2001 Camry with a leak in the rear driver-side brake hose line.

To see pics, please open the sbern622-brakelinepics.rar file attached.

The leak in the hose is right where I circled in red (see pics). The leak is right where the metal clip holds the hose.

If anyone can point me to which model # hose I need to buy, I'd be very grateful.

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sbern622-brakelinepics.rar (4.40 MB, 10 views)

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Old 01-30-2019, 12:47 PM
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Based on what is shown in photos the leak appears further up this cable.

In the Rear Drivers Side Wheel photo. The cable marked between the two red lines is the emergency brake cable. This cable has no fluid inside. The actual brake line is the smaller hose above and to the left of the two red lines. This hose is shown having a loop downward in the photo.

The emergency brake system is 100% mechanical and does not use brake fluid.

Suggest checking the following items.

This brakes slave cylinder bleed valve. This valve when opened allows air to be bleed out of the brake line. If not closed it can leak.

The connection between this brake hose and slave cylinder for fluid leakage.

Remove the rear brake drum and examine the brake slave cylinder. This cylinder uses brake fluid to move two pistons which more the brake shoes. The seals for these pistons can leak fluid.

The leaking brake fluid may be dripping on the emergency brake cable and following it down to where you see it.
Old 01-31-2019, 12:44 PM
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Thanks for the detailed response toyomoho.

I was able to jack my car up at a better angle and get some pics of the actual brake lines above that hose. Pics are attached in "corrodedbrakelines.zip".

If you take a look at the pics, you'll see above the emergency brake clip there is severe corrosion.
Also, I took pics of the same lines towards the center of the car ... lots of corrosion as well.

A couple questions for you:
Do you think cutting out and replacing the corroding sections is an option? Or, should I buy brand new lines?
Can these brake line repairs in a Camry be done DIY, or is it worth it to take to a shop?

If you have a moment, please take a look and let me know. Any suggestion is helpful
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corrodedbrakelines.zip (2.24 MB, 2 views)
Old 01-31-2019, 03:11 PM
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Is that liquid shown in photo number 20190130-202458862 brake fluid?

There are a number of lines shown in the photo. Only one goes that brake. Others come off the fuel tank. Determine which lines are which before you start to take things apart or cut a line.

As to repairing. Can cut and splice the line or if the line is available, replace it. Replacing the line is easier.

Find the exact location details on what line is leaking. This for example being, the line going from the X location on the car to Y location going to the left or right rear brake. Check with a Toyota dealer and find out if they can get the part. A line is much easier to replace then repair. If no luck, try major chain auto parts stores to determine if someone makes an aftermarket part.

The bad section can be cut out and replaced. The internet has LOTS of threads and youtube videos on this and replacing brake lines.

The current line is steel. You can get steel lines but it is harder to bend. There are brake lines made from copper-nickel called Cunifer, NiCopp and Cupronickel. This material is much easier to bend. Can bend by hand. NAPA may sell this type of brake line as well as other auto parts stores or internet. Use 3/16 inch tubing. Do not use plain copper tubing!!

You will need a tube flare tool of the correct size for the tube. Get a flaring tool designed for automobile brake lines as not all flaring tools are the same. For steel tube need a hand tube bender for the curves. Plus of course the tubing and tube fittings. Amazon, equipped auto parts store, Ebay sells brake repair kits, tools etc

Can you DIY, don't know your skills. Suggest you obtain all you can off the internet. Lots of info here!

If possible find a replacement line as this would be much easier. This could mean checking with auto salvage yards as a last resort.

If opting to cut the tube section out. Prior to doing the actual job. Practice cutting, bending and flaring on a spare section of tubing. Flaring the tube if done wrong can crack the tubing.

You will be under the car perhaps with limited room. Then for repairing the line, trying to cut out the bad section with some kind of saw or tube cutter. Then needing to flare the ends of the lines that remain. Then fabricating a section of tube the fits the gap cut out. This with brake fluid in the line possible dripping out.

If repairing the line. Remember you do not need to follow the exact same route as the old line. It's possible cutting a line someplace else other then as close to the damaged section is easier to do.

Read all you can. If deciding to cut out the section practice first until you are confident. Assume the car can be driven now. Once you cut the line this will change.

For the rust on the other tubes and body. Suggest cleaning it up best you can with a wire brush and solvent to remove any oils. Then spraying some kind of rust conversion coating on.
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