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Seat Swap- Electric to Manual SRS Airbag Light

Old 09-27-2016, 03:02 PM
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Exclamation Seat Swap- Electric to Manual SRS Airbag Light

Hi all,
Swapped an Electric seat for a manual seat in a 1999 Camry LE V6.
Easily done, however the new (older seat) does not have a seat pressure sensor. So now i have a yellow connector free on the car side of the SRS.
I also have the associated SRS warning light flashing.

I was able to connect up the seatbelt connector so that light goes out.

I tried to bridge the SRS connector- No luck.

I have an OBD II compliant car and connector, but also have the DLC 2 port - (round) as well.

OBD II has pin 4,5,7 and 16.
DLC 2 has Tc, E1, A/D, and ABS pins.

I've looked at the reset procedure when the DLC 2 has an AB pin, but my port does not have that pin....

How do bypass the seat sensor?
How do I test for codes?
How do I reset codes?

Have looked at several threads but none address the airbag light with an older manual seat swap and no seat pressure sensor.
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Are you sure the connection is for a seat pressure switch and not an installed seat airbag?

Turn the ignition switch to the ACC or ON. Wait approx 20 sec.
Connect terminals Tc and E1 on DLC1.
Read the 2–digit code as shown by the number of times the SRS light blinks.

Connect wires to terminals Tc and AB of DLC1.
Turn ign switch to ACC or ON and wait approx 6 seconds.
Starting with the Tc terminal.. Ground alternately terminal Tc and terminal AB twice each in cycles of 1.0 seconds.
Old 09-29-2016, 10:41 AM
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Hi Joey,
Thanks for the reply!
1999 Camry
I have 2 connectors on the car side that connected to the old electric seat. One 2-wire yellow, and one 3-wire whitish. New manual seat only has a 2-wire connector. I figured out which 2 connect to the seat belt light, but not sure what the 3rd in that connector is for. I assume the yellow connector is a seat sensor- weight I guess...
It's a 99 Camry, so don't think it has seat airbags.
It is OBD2 compliant (has the port) but has the DLC2 (round) port as well. The DLC2 port does not have the AB wire. It has an ABS, Tc, E1.- so I was able to read codes.
There is a yellow connector on the car side that used to connect to the removed seat- if I Hotwire bridge that, attempting to bypass that sensor, I get an SRS code of 47. If I remove that, I get both 47 and 48.
I can't clear the codes as described because there is no AB on the DLC2.
I have one more unconnected wire on the car side that is in the seat belt wire connector as previously mentioned.
Just hoping to bypass the seat SRS and make it think that old seat is still there.
A wiring diagram may help unless somebody knows how to bypass.
Old 09-29-2016, 04:36 PM
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Codes 47 and 48 are for a short or open circuit in the side airbag.

Suggest you look carefully at the old seat and determine if there is verbiage to the effect there is a side airbag.

The 1999 could have side airbags in the seat.

Can only guess at bypassing the bag. The squib in the bag has a resistance over 1M ohm which the airbag computer would be looking for when it runs the self check. Search the internet for possibilities.

For the removed seat, suggest taping over or other wise covering the plug on the end of the yellow wire to prevent any chance of contact with electricity. The airbag is activated by an electric current.

All airbag wiring is yellow.

If the airbag is disconnected when the ign key is turned on. The airbag computer will run a self check and fail this circuit triggering the check light. Resetting is not going to prevent this.
Old 11-24-2016, 12:25 PM
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Thank you,
Have done all that.
Will try to find the exact resistance and put a resistor in to bypass, or ....
Just live w it.
Thanks for the help,
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