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Started with a blown fuse...

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Default Started with a blown fuse...

I'm having issues with my 2001 toyota camry. Here's a brief description of the vehicle...

2001 toyota camry ce

2.2 I4 Gas engine

u140e automatic transmission

....a little background on what problems Im having with the vehicle...

Was driving on the interstate when the gauges quit working and the car kept driving and running like nothing was wrong.

got to my destination, tried to roll the windows down they would not roll down. Shut the car off got out checked the fuses, sure enough the fuse for the gauge cluster/ instrument panel was blown.

Got through with my business, got ready to leave. Before I left the parking lot I changed the fuse, started the car.the panel operated like it should then with in a few seconds the fuse blew again.

I figured if the the car was at least still running I could make it back home where I can further looking to diagnosing the problem.

While on my drive home the radio quit, then the car started to lose power like the alternator had quit charging...

I figured it was the alternator or the battery had gone bad.

When ride arrived I unhooked the battery from the car and swapped out batteries and the car was able to start, run, I was able to drive it the rest of the way home.

the following morning I took it to oreillys and had them read the codes

The codes that showed were "random misfire" and "vehicle speed sensor".

Changed the sensor and fuse, everything seemed to work like it should except for the speedometer then the transmission kinda started to shift funny and then the engine began to idle rough.

then it blew the fuse again and now the transmission wont, WILL NOT shift even using the shifter....

I read that a faulty vss can cause the fuse to blow.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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apart from the blown fuse all the faults mentioned would throw specific codes
pointing to specific sensors were could be faulty

is the replaced fuse the correct load rating for that circuit

was the cigarette lighter being used to power a device as you travel

you didnt say what the alternator input/charge figures were
random misfire can be loss of voltage anywhere, or fuel
coil packs -injectors -ECU ,fuel pump/ filter

the faulty wheel sensor wont stop the transmission
would look at shift cables to the transmision / shift stick itself for the transmission issue

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The blown fuse can account for ALL the other issues. Suggest sticking to why this fuse blew.

The fuse powers the VSS but also other circuits that might have a short such as:

brake light indicator on the dash (emergency brake and low brake fluid warning), integration relay, alternator regulator (tells alt the ign switch is on), headlight relay system, tail/brake light out warning system, back up lights, power windows and door lock controls, moon roof, transmission shifting, cruise control, seat belt warning, instrument cluster gauges.

However there is typically a very short list of items that can cause the fuse to blow.

Get a handful full of fuses. Replace the fuse. With emergency brake off AND foot brake not pushed down. Start the engine but leave the trans in Park!

Do nothing else at this time but determine if the fuse blows or not!

If the VSS or wiring has a short, it should short even if the car is not moving.

If satisfied the fuse is not going to blow, push down on the brake pedal and determine if this blows the fuse.

If all is OK, place gear shifter into reverse and determine if the fuse blows.

If OK place then move the gear shifter to drive (or whatever gear you use). Then move from D to L.

Speculate one or the other operation above will result in a blown fuse.

If still OK operate as many items listed to be powered by the gauge fuse one at a time. To determine if any operation results in a blown fuse. The cruise control can be turned on with the car not moving.

If the fuse blows with the pedal brake operation, the problem may be in the brake/tail light out warning system in the trunk.

If the fuse blows when the trans is shifted to reverse. The problem may be a short in the reverse light wiring near the trunk lid.

If the fuse blows when shifting into drive. There is an issue with the gear shift indication switch that is mounted next to the trans shift lever on the trans or its wiring.
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