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[2016 SE]Quality oil and filter

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Default [2016 SE]Quality oil and filter

Hey, I purchased recently Camry 2016 SE with 34k miles on it. Would you suggest good quality oil and oil filter?

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Any full synthetic oil would be good. A lot of people use Mobile 1 as I do. WalMart appears the cheapest outlet for engine oils.

Use a weight as specified in the owners manual for your climate temps.

See link below for a host of filter options.

2016 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.5L L4 Oil Filter | RockAuto

If opting for longer oil change periods as made used with synthetics. Suggest an "extended life" or such branded filter.

For Camry I use Wix XP or NAPA Gold which is made by Wix (if on sale at NAPA). There may another NAPA filter that is even more improved over Gold.

Would assume some filters are made in the same factory and just rebranded.

In addition to oil changes take note of auto transmission fluid changes and even power steering.

If Toyota is still pitching a lifetime automatic fluid it really means the lifetime of the trans not fluid.

If your going to keep the car a long time invest in trans fluid changes. Toyota uses a color chart to check fluid condition based on color.
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toyomoho, thank you for your insights. Would you recommend any specific transmission/power steering fluids?
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The trans should use Toyota WS (World Standard) fluid. Its a Toyota proprietary branded fluid. Check owner's manual to confirm.

The fluid runs around $10/quart if buying 4 or 12 quarts on Amazon and Ebay. CarQuest auto parts stores (perhaps others) may sell it cheaper.

No doubt there are lower priced substitutes which would work. An internet search will find a HOST of opinions in a quest for a cheaper fluid.

The issues are the car is still under warranty and who really knows what WS fluid is. It may not be worth going in circles to save a few dollars on trans fluid.

Suggest sticking to the original fluid even though the price is high.

The trans has no dipstick. It's a drain and fill setup like a differential. The difference being Toyota specifies the fluid needs to be at a certain temp. Then the fill plug removed and excess fluid drained out.

One can use an ODBII reader that can read the trans fluid temp. There should also be a work around by connecting certain ODBII terminals and watching an indicator icon on the dash which will react at the correct temp.

DIY'ers have figure out how to change this trans fluid and it's a common job. You can read up on this job via the host of internet posts and utube videos.

The subject of trans fluid changes were brought up because worn out fluid is the number cause of trans failure. If your going to keep the car. Fluid changes are easy enough to do and cheap compared to a new trans.

Could have the dealer do this. Some will push the 100K mile change and may even decline to do it.

On second thought, the steering may be electric and no need for fluid. Check owner's manual or look under the hood for the lack of PS fluid reservoir and pump.
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Yes, Mobile 1 full synthetic in weight manual says, e.g., 0w-20, 5w-30, and I buy Toyota filters in 5-10 packs from Amazon. Only Toyota fluids in transmission, etc. My 2006 Camry has over 251,000 HARD miles on it now. Rode hard and put up wet, as the old horse boys say. But it's been maintained otherwise.
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