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knocking sound in engine

Old 08-02-2013, 08:28 PM
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Exclamation knocking sound in engine

I own a 97 camry LE 4cyl
This sound started on sunday the 28th while driving up a large hill in the freeway. I since had my spark plugs, cables, oil and oil filter changed.

My uncle took a look at it and said it might be a valve.
Please use my link to hear the sound of the video and let me know what you think?

Any help is much appreciated
Old 08-03-2013, 12:08 PM
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Valve failure on this engine is rare, but perhaps a valve train issue?

Use a section of rubber hose, etc. as a stethoscope to narrow down the area of the noise.

When listening move one end of the hose area the engine to include around the valve cover area (valve train), the area of the 4 fuel injectors (they can make a clicking noise but normally not this loud), the passengers side of the engine (timing belt area which drives the water and oil pump plus cams), lower part of engine where the crankshaft/connecting rods would be (failing bearing) and drivers side of engine in the bell housing area (possible something to with the trans flex plate).

You can unplug one spark plug at time to unload pressure on that piston. If a rod bearing or main bearing was was going bad on that cylinder, the noise should be reduced.

If you think it is an injector the injector wiring plug can be disconnected to disable it.

If the noise is under the valve cover it is easy to remove. Undo any PVC and other items, the removed the spark plug terminals and undo the 4 large nuts, one each on the spark plug tubes. Once off inspect the valve train the have someone rotate the engine by hand CW using the crank pulley bolt as you look for valve/spring action.

Don't know what the noise is. At times it sounds like a connecting rod bearing knock, at others a very noisy injector or some valve train issue. The rapid click, click noise when the engine is revved up.

This sound is not normal, something mechanical appears wrong. You need to do some diagnostic work then depending on what you find investigate the area of the noise.

You might post the video at the Toyotanation.com website in the appropriate forum for more opinions.
Old 08-03-2013, 01:08 PM
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I will open up the valve cover and check for the spring action on the valve.
When i did the spark plug change the spark plug furthest to the right had some oil in it and the rest were fine. I heard that taking the wires out one at a time while having the engine running can determine the valve that is malfunctioning? Is this true/ Safe? or is it necessary to take out the spark plugs and check one at a time?

lastly could it be it a cylinder?

Thank you for all your help Joey P.
Old 08-03-2013, 05:34 PM
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Removing the ign wire to a plug lightens the load of that piston and bearings as there is no combustion pressure. Not sure how this would affect valve action as the valve are spring loaded and moved by the cams.

First use the rubber hose stethoscope check. At worst this should greatly reduce the areas of non-knocking and at best narrow down the area of knocking.

Suppose could be a broken piston ring or cracked piston. This is rare on this engine but does happen.

Sometimes the seal between the spark plug tube and head leaks oil, the result is oil in the tube. This can cook the plug wire in oil damaging it plus cause a ign misfire.

Narrow done the area of the noise and conduct the spark plug wire off test. If you wish when conducting the plug wire off test remove the electrical plug to that injector to shut off the fuel.

Suggest not running the engine with a spark plug removed as there will be air and fuel coming out the cylinder plus a lot of noise from air movement out the hole.

If a valve issue there may be a change in exhaust air output pulses at the tell pipe. Some valve issues where the valve doesn't seat can cause a pulse of air to be drawn back into the pipe. One trick is put a paper towel or tissue in front of the tail pipe and watch if is at times it is sucked back toward the pipe.

Suggest not driving the car until you determine the problem.

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