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Old 09-28-2008, 12:22 PM
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Default 99 camry crankshaft/camshaft position codes

I have a 99 camry 4 cylinder that won't start. I got a code tester and the codes are as follows
1. Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction
2. Camshaft position sensor A bank 1 curcuit malfunction

Some more info. I had the timing bet replaced a few days ago by the dealer. I was told I had a bad valve cover leak. I replaced the valve cover and changed the plugs myself. Afterward there was oil everywhere from the valve cover leak. I sprayed the enine with some degreaser and hosed it off. I drove the car about 2 miles and it quit. I let it set a few hours and it started and ran fine for 2 days( better than it ever had, probably the new plugs). The next morning it did not start. I waited about 10 minutes then it started and ran fine. later that day it did not start and hasen't since. I checked to make sure I had loose connections on anything and everything loks fine so I ran the codes. Do you think it could be something to do with the timing belt or maybe somethiing shorted out when wet. or could it be something totally different. I hate to take it back to the dealer unless it is something they did wrong. APPRECIAT ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE
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Old 09-29-2008, 09:43 AM
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Default RE: 99 camry crankshaft/camshaft position codes

Was the oil was there before or after the valve gasket change, did the engine run OK after the belt change, does engine have remote cam and crank sensors mounted under timing cover or are one or both in the distributor?

The codes indicate the computer is not detecting a signal for the sensor(s). Could be a short or open in the wiring from the sensor to the computer, bad sensor(s), distributor issue.

Guessing the combination of degreaser and water got into the electrical connections and possible the distributor to cause problems.

You should disconnect the connectors and clean them with an electrical contact cleaner. These are the connectors at the distributor and sensors (if not installed in the distributor). Also remove the cap to make sure water did not get inside the housing.

The sensor wires Black/White, Blue, Brown, Brown/Red.

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