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'96 Vienta --> electric seat and door trim transplant

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'96 Vienta --> electric seat and door trim transplant

Old 06-01-2013, 01:06 AM
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Default '96 Vienta --> electric seat and door trim transplant

I have a '96 Vienta Touring and recently acquired some leather seats and leather/wood door trims from a '94 Vienta Grande at a ridiculously low price.

Yet to install them as I want to install new speakers while the trims/seats are out.

1) The seat adjustment is electric. Any tips on how I could wire that up?

2) The door trims have power window controls on them (old ones don't... just in the centre.) Any tips on wiring them up?

3) The door trims have tweeters in them. You guessed it... any tips on how to wire them up?

Thanks in advance.
Old 06-01-2013, 08:09 PM
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Only have info on US Camry.

1) Are the seat electric controls under the seat? If so the Blue/White wire connects to the Power Fuse. The wire goes to a junction box way up under the dash in line with the console area having the radio, climate system, etc. The White/Black wire is ground.

2) Window controls on the center console? Is there a window master switch console there also? Where are the individual window switches? Does the new trim have a window master switch?

3) Tweeters wires hook up to same wires going to original speaker, match the colors.
Old 06-04-2013, 03:01 AM
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Thank you very much for your kind and informative response... BIG help with regard to visualising the solutions...etc.


Here's some photos of the harness on the seats. 5 prongs... 4 at the top, 1 at the bottom (sorry bad photos.) These are at the bottom of the front seats and I don't have the harness that would plug them into my car's power.

I asked a guy at an electrics shop today and he seemed quite negative... said "oh you'll need ____, _____ and ______ you can't just plug the power in!! No way, oh and a ____, _____ and _____." Given I rarely listen to such people, I'm convinced that these 5 prongs are all for power.

If it helps, the wire colours are:

1 2 3 4
0 0 0 5

1 - Green/white
2 - Blue/white
3 - White
4 - Black/white
5 - Red

My guess is that 2 motors are being powered here and 1 is an earth, so I can just get a 12v car battery with speaker wires and fiddle with the +/- until it works. Is there a reason why this would fail? (Aside from the fact that a lack of an earth might stop it from working... I guess I can earth it as well to be "safe.")

2) I don't believe there's a master switch in the centre console, just 4 up and down switches. There's also a button (which I thought might be a master switch) but it does nothing whether it's pushed or not. Maybe that's a broken master switch (I'll check the owner's manual and get back to you on that.)

Regarding the trim... the up/down buttons are on the inner door handles (arm rests? Not quite.) The original trim only had up/down buttons on the back... the new trim has up/down buttons on both back and front inner door handles.

To add to the trivia, the back power window buttons have different connectors! *grrrr* The ones that came with the car are thinner, longer black connectors (possibly with more pins, I'll post pictures later.) The ones on the new trim (which is 1994 trim so older, but from a "grande", so classier) are smaller, white connectors.

I'll post pictures...etc later but I reckon my 2 options here are:
a) Rip the switch out of the old trim and fit it to the new trim so that the connectors are exactly the same and I have no issues.
b) Rip the connector out of the old trim and connect it up to the wires of the new trim (if they match.)

This doesn't get the up/down buttons working on my front trim, but they have the centre console (back ones don't work even with the centre console because they are unplugged.) My current priority is to get everything "working"... once that's done I'll smooth things out... so the front up/down switches are low priority (for now.)

3) So just splicing the wires up to the tweeters should work? I'll give it a try and report back - cheers for that. The connector looks exactly the same so I can see this working.
Old 06-04-2013, 08:07 AM
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The plot thickens...
- The passenger-side seat has 3 prongs on the connector.
- My original (cloth) drivers seat already has a power plug sticking into it BUT I have no idea what it does. Also, it is a different connector (just a plus and minus one) maybe something to do with the back power windows or something?
Old 06-04-2013, 11:17 AM
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Am unable to view or open your posted two images.

Can only guess on wire colors.

The original drivers seats may have a connecter for the seat belt switch. If the seat belt is not connected, there is a chime.

The new drivers seat may also have this. The two Black/White wire may be grounds for different circuits. Determine if any of the 5 wires are for the seat belt switch.

The US version has the two seat belt wires as Red/Yellow and White/Black.

As to passenger seat. What wiring did the old passenger seat have? Suggest you run down where the wiring on the new seat goes as perhaps the new drivers seat will have the same thing.

Does the drivers new seat have a seat warmer, built-in airbag or any other electric device other then the power windows and seat belt switch.

US version power seat wires are either Red/White or or Blue/White. Does the seat have built-in switches for the motors? If so find out what colored wires come out of the switch box.

You counted the number of seat motors, US version has 3 or 4?

As to the windows. Is the switch that does noting labeled? Could it turn off the rear windows (child safety issue)?

One issue with power window wiring is it may not be simple. The individual window switches may run from the center console switch. There may be two different wiring circuits to each individual window switch. If you look at the window switch wiring, there may be three colored wired (and no ground wire).

Two wires (typically two colored wires) are what operates the window from the center console. The third may be a 12V power wire. When an individual window switch is used, power from the third wire goes through the switch to the motor then is directed by the switch back to the master control unit in the center console (power return wire).

When the switch is moved in the opposite direction, the return wire becomes the other other wire of the two.
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