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2009 camry burning oil

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Default 2009 camry burning oil

hello everbody. I'm sure you guys are already aware of the oil consumption in the '07-'09 Camry's with the 2.4 engines. well my story is similar to everbody else. i noticed my engine was noisy and decided to check the oil and realized it was low. i had to add 3 quarts of oil. i only had 50,000 miles on it. as time went on i started paying attention to my oil. the car was out of warrenty so i was stuck. then toyota came out with the special warrenty of the oil burning problem. so i took my 2009 toyota camry in for the test. and was told that i dont meet the 1300 mile 1 quart situation. (i dont see how) but what ever. toyota once in a while come out with a lemon. but for the most part have excellent cars that last so i decided to get rid of this lemon. we were going to get a new 2016 camry but my wife said "hell No" not after all the toyotas we brought from toyota. and the amount of toyotas in the the family. and we finally get one thats a lemon and toyota treated us like mess. so we brought a different brand car. we decided to keep the camry and repair the engine our self and give the car to our daughter for her 16th birthday. since we owned the car since it was brand new. had the engine oil replace every 5,000 miles, had the engine coolant replaced at 60,000 with toyota long life coolant, had the spark plugs replaced at 60,000, had the transmission fluid replaced at 60,000 with toyoya w.s. tranny fluid. the car for the most part has been good and well care for. except for the engine burning oil and the dash board melting(toyoya did replace the dash board under warrenty), the power steering hose(from the resvoir to pump) getting hard and leaking so we replaced the hose, when the spark plug where replaced the coil pack plugs where brittle and broke so we replaced all four connectors, the question that i have is: we still have another year before we give my daughter the camry. the camry get driven for a week once every 5-6 weeks. we have 130,000 miles on it now. it was burning oil and for that 1 week every 5-6 week that i drive it, every morning when we start it up there a hugh cloud of smoke that comes out of the tail pipe(dont know if that a new/different problem or contribute to the original/piston problem thats getting worse). is it worth fixing the engine right now or can i just top off the engine with oil when it gets a quart low and keep driving. or can i hurt the car in anyway like destroy the o2 sensors/ cats or any kind of other driveability problems.
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This engine appears to have two problems.

One being the Toyota plugged oil ring holes.

In this case, if the engine oil level is maintained, doubt the engine itself will have other issues (other than oil burning). Would caution any drivers to check the oil level every 500.

Owners use to a normal oil consumption such as 1 quart per oil change period and checking according, have run out of oil.

Have you done an oil consumption test to determine usage?

Toyota appears to have a follow up warranty extending 10 years or 150K miles.


Make sure the engine PCV system or whatever it uses to draw off blow by is working.

This burned oil needs to go somewhere. And does go by the sensor and through the CAT. This can shorting the CAT life.

The other issue appears to be worn valve stem seals. This results in the smoke at start up. This oil will also have an effect on the CAT life.

The typical repair process removed the cylinder head. It is possible to change the seals with the head on but it is time consuming.

And of course the 02 sensors will also be effected by oil. How much effect, don't know.

Might caution on a used replacement engine as you could end up with worse issues.

If handy with tools given the cars good condition. Might install the newly design pistons and valve seals and call it good. Don't grind the valves or you will need to install different spacer shims to obtain valve clearance.

This engine is also noted for the head bolts pulling out of the block. Thought years 02-06 but not sure when Toyota solved the problem.

Drive as is. Repair or sell. On its own, the car should last at least another 100K.

Great on changing the trans fluid more often!
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thank you for taking the time to respond back. the addition information you provided was good to know. as for the oil consumption test, i had that performed last year. the dealer said that i didnt meet the stipulations of the warranty claim. i dont know why not. but i gave up on it and brought another car.
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Good luck with your new car.
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